Saturday, March 30, 2013

Loadout Preview Version 2.0a

I have been spending a lot of what free time I have working on a new version of the menu system. The problem was that the original hadn't been scoped to expand much, so every time I wanted to create a new menu or sub-menu I was having to update a lot of code. My solution was to rewrite the system to work off of a database table. The resulting menu doesn't look much different at all, but it takes me a small fraction of the time it has in the past to change the menu. Now, adding another menu item is as easy as adding a record in the table, and adding any number of sub-menus and sub-buttons is done just as easily.

I have also added some extra camera movement to show what is currently selected in the loadout sub-menu better on the preview bot itself. When you enter the "Spaulders" sub-menu, for instance, the camera will move to a position that gives a much better view of the Botz shoulder. I have also added mouse-wheel functionality to the menu system, as well as support for a controller (tested with an Xbox Controller).

The result of all this used up free time is featured in the following video:

My goal in the next few weeks is to bring the loadout data that is saved to the SQL database as the user interacts with the menu into the Arena itself. The foundation of the movement, attack, etc. functions is all there, I just need to feed it data and then put time into tweaking things until they feel natural, regardless of whether it is being run on a computer, phone, tablet, or console. I am hoping to bring this to the Unity WIP's forum this summer, where I will open up the website to allow 100 registrations, and will then begin some early Alpha tests. But time spent blogging is time not spent programming, so I'll end this here.

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