Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Loadout Weapons Preview

I've been working on things here and there with the game when I have time, and there are a few new things I wanted to get posted in the Dev blog. First off, I created a loading/matchmaking screen for the Arena. Now, while you are searching for another player, there is a window that is displayed explaining that it is searching, and when an opponent is found, a preview of both Botz are shown to both players as the countdown starts.

Once in the arena, Botz now use the appropriate animations when attacking. Before this update, the sniper rifle animation was played regardless of which weapon was used. There are now animations for every Primary and Secondary weapon, and I also threw together a quick animation for swapping weapons. This is also the beginnings of the final version for the attacking system. I had cut some corners as far as the authoritative server request/response system when doing proof-of-concept mock-ups, but what you see below is literally just a graphical representation of data on the server. When you hit the attack button, a request is sent to the server making sure you are allowed to hit that button at all... if this passes then the request is sent to all users, and the weapon swapping animation is played if necessary. Next, when you aim, the same thing happens... a request is sent to the server, and if approved, is then sent to all players at the same time.

The last part that I need to finish for this authoritative system is damage-distribution. It was much simpler to calculate damage via the Unity client than the Java server while doing proof-of-concept work, but the damage functions are now getting moved to the Java end. Once that is completed, a few checks for deaths and respawns (already half-done) will be put in place, and the system will be able to send out instructions to clients to play death animations/apply ragdolls/etc., the goal always being to render network manipulation/lag-cheats useless.

This isn't a very big update, but work has kept me pretty busy lately. I'm hoping to spend some time working on the updated damage system soon.

We are still taking pre-registrations for Phase I Alpha testing, so be sure to sign up if you'd like to participate in the coming months.

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