Saturday, June 1, 2013

Free4All Multiplayer Arena now available!

We've just posted another update to our demo, allowing players to enter the 'Free4All' Arena with other players. Attacking is still disabled at this point while we put the finishing touches on the forumlas, but we're hoping to have some actual arena battles happen very soon.

We are slowly but surely making progress. I am quite happy with the way the game has turned out thus far, and am incredibly excited to have the Free4All Arena setup so that players can at least practice with loadouts in the same room as other players.

After the weekend I will begin work on the Zombies level, since I think that this will be the best way to test/adjust weapon settings (optimum range, max damage, reload time, clip size, etc.). The Zombie's level will be single player at first, but once tested and tweaked, we should be able to release a co-op version of Zombies in the near future.

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